”Intelligence is
the ability to adapt
to change.”

Stephen Hawking

What we do

Working Solutions Group focuses on connecting people to possibilities. Our goal is to optimize effectiveness across the organization, leading to better people experiences and better operating results.

Executive Coaching | Working Solutions Group

Executive Coaching

Culture Assessment and Change | Working Solutions Group

Culture Assessment and Change

Diversity and Inclusion | Working Solutions Group

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Alignment | Working Solutions Group

Team Alignment

Conflict Coaching and Resolution | Working Solutions Group

Conflict Coaching and Resolution

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Hanna Bankier is no nonsense, critical thinking ninja. She is emotionally perceptive, with the insight to ask the right questions at the right time to dig into issues and work on resolving them. She knows how deep she needs to go to get at the heart of an issue.

Jason Mahon CFO

Hanna Bankier | Working Solutions Group

Words from Hanna Bankier,
founder of Working Solutions Group

Working Solutions Group focuses on assisting individuals and organizations in becoming more skillful and effective. Together with you, we identify your goals, wants and needs. Based on our expertise and evaluation of data collected, we work with you to customize a plan that will create change.

Clients turn to us to find solutions, such as:

• How can my employees become more effective?
• How can I achieve alignment among members of my management team?
• Should I reorganize my organization?
• How can I become a better leader?
• How can I motivate and engage my employees?
• Should I have a special program to improve employee retention?
• Do I need to create a more transparent organization?
• How do I know what is wrong? Are there changes I should make?
Connecting people to possibilities


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